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Imperium Wireless Operating System controller.

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Battery Pack – in the event of a power cut, the chairs can still be operated to provide a safer means of escape and to help prevent any accidents.

Dual Motor – the addition of a second motor to provide extra and separate backrest inclination to our Platinum mechanism.

Cleaning Access System – this is standard on our Platinum mechanism but can be added to the Silver mechanism (not available on the Gold Powerwall Mechanism for which there is a different access system).

For Recliners, we simply chose to use the best mechanism on the market;

  • It is not cheap to buy but its lifetime cost will outperform any other chair on the market.
  • It has a footrest that folds through 180 degrees right under the chair itself to provide instant access. Making Upholstery for this that could also fold through 180 degrees was a big challenge.
  • This Mechanism also has NO scissor action components and is therefore infinitely safer than the majority of Mechanisms on the market.
  • It uses Pistons instead of scissor action components and is also, therefore, much stronger.
  • … This is our Platinum Mechanism.

Imperium Wireless Operating System – following the decline of the Auto-Reset systems, we introduced our Wireless control system. This links via a radio frequency to a microprocessor in the chairs’ switch and can be operated by cinema staff from a central location when it is safe to do so and will open or close all chairs simultaneously – up to 50 chairs per controller depending on the signal strength. You can have as many controllers as necessary.

Auto Reset – this used to be a standard item with our top-level chairs but due to incidents in the industry with other manufacturers’ chairs we decided to offer this only as a ‘client instruction’ and therefore it comes with a safety notice disclaimer. Whilst we know our product is completely safe in normal use, we recommend the cinema operators carry out certain training, apply notices and have adequate insurance – please ask for more details.

To complement this item, we encourage the use of our Infra-Red fail safe cut out.


Infinity Seating have a perfect safety record and we plan to keep it that way…


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Cleaning Access System.
Cleaning Access System.
Recliner Battery bank
Auto reset pressure pads
Platinum second recliner motor.
Scissor action guards.

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