Edinburgh Airport
Gate 11, Edinburgh, UK

Edinburgh airport started their Green experience in 2017 by a pilot installation in the centrally located gates 10 & 11. Placemaking, continuously bending rows of seating from Green Furniture replaced the old vinyl upholstered beam seating.

EDI’s main reason for choosing Green Furniture was density of seating, and the number of seats on the same footprint was increased by 44%. ‘Design’ was also important to EDI and the actual passenger effect of the design was remarkable – passenger satisfaction of the waiting area raised from 52% to 81%.

“EDI liked our design and wanted to see how it could influence the passengers. Seeing a satisfaction increase in this proportion was a great joy! Adding the improved memorability effect that the design impact has given to the destination branding of EDI, and the increase in retail sales in the area, I think that the decision to go further was easy.” says Johan Berhin, designer & founder at Green Furniture Concept.

Green has now installed seating in three rounds at EDI, with a total of 1300 seats in their International Departure Lounge and commercially close gates.

EDI and the commercial effect of passenger satisfaction

Edinburgh Airport (EDI) raised its retail and F&B sales considerably in the areas furnished by Green Furniture. EDI turnover is approximately £180m from where roughly one third generally comes from retail and F&B, thus a positive change quickly becomes profitable. The placemaking seating from Green Furniture is around the majority of the commercial environment.

Changing from upholstered seating, it is noticeable that passengers were so much more happy about the seating area despite that the Green seating is harder and that the density of seating in the area was much increased. This shows the importance of the atmosphere in the place, the positive impact it has on people.

Edinburgh Airport
Green Furniture Concept
Amount of seats:

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