Why the Infinity business model ‘works’…

We would like to take you through some of the ideas that we have implemented in cinemas throughout the world.

Currently, we have exported to 20 countries, all of whom have bought into the notion that ‘luxurious seating’ sets you apart from your peers and gives your customers a wonderful cinema experience.

We have a variety of products that are new to the industry – or at least not so common – and Infinity Seating Solutions believe that many of these products will be ‘the next big thing’ to happen in cinema seating.



  •  Divide by the number of seat places; our products are often 2, 3, or even 4 seaters! Example: you currently buy a recliner for £500 but our 2-Seater Sofa is £800 = £400 per seat place.
  • These products are built to last.
  • You you buy less Infinity seating per auditorium than your old fashioned standard seating, so the total capital outlay is often little or no more than if you were squeezing in lots of standard chairs. Example: you currently buy 200 chairs at £150 = £30,000 and you rarely sell-out, or 45 of our 2-Seater Sofas (90 Seat Places) for £36,000 but you get to charge more per ticket for the lifetime of the product and these tickets WILL sell-out, every time – it’s a no-brainer!


“But what about seat losses and lost revenue” we hear you say – please consider:


  • Did you ever sell-out regularly?
  • Now you don’t need 200 people in an auditorium when – for example – 80-120 will take you to a very efficient capacity. Often with a higher Gross Profit potential.
  • The staffing and cleaning costs should be lower too?
  • You will be able to achieve a higher ticket price per seat place because you’re flying ‘Business Class‘ and we have the evidence to prove this is the case for many operators.
  • Front rows – as an example – when using Daybeds, can achieve up to 70% uplift in ticket sales. Powerloungers will be even higher.
  • There is a higher demand for luxury concessions – ‘wine and olives’ as opposed to ‘fizzy pop and popcorn’. Patrons also consume more because they are in a comfortable environment…
  • …and higher value items sold with higher margins for the operator.
  • There is no doubt that we create some of the most beautiful auditoria out there and we will give you the WOW factor and the special something you need to help bring patrons in from the competition…
  • …and they’ll keep coming back, because it was a memorable and comfortable experience!


STOP PRESS… this may prove to be exactly what the World needs to entice people back to the Cinemas after the Covid19 Pandemic?

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