The Petherton

Petherton Micro 2-Seater Sofa in grey micro velvet with contrasting piping and upholstered plinth.

The Petherton Range - a ‘Family’ of model types:

  • Recliner chairs

  • Armchairs

  • Sofas

  • Auditorium chairs

  • Powerloungers and

  • Daybeds

The Petherton Range is named after the road in Islington, London, where the founder John Jenkins had his first tiny workshop. That was back in 1964...

Infinity Seating's Petherton range is all about a traditional cushioned sofa.

Large proportions and sumptuous foam cushion interiors blend with strong and durable framework that will perform tirelessly in demanding commercial cinemas.

Pethertons are made from the finest quality materials and will last for years. Built with solid FSC Beech hardwood frames and the best quality (CMHR) Fire Retardant foams available. Full, robust 5-year Warranty.

Service and Maintenance packages are available with all our products.

Very quick and easy to install.

We have an extensive range of upgrades in a variety of colours. Materials available include fabrics, velours, velvets, micro velvets and the most amazing plant-based, cruelty-free leathers and suedes.

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Best for: Sofas and Armchairs with Footstools.
Pethertons installed in Europe.
Marilyn talking to the Pethertons.
The Petherton Armchair alongside the Petherton 2 seater Sofa
Petherton Micro 2-Seater Sofa.
Petherton Micro Armchair
Petherton Micro Armchair with Leg-Extension.
Petherton Macro Armchairs and 2-Seater Sofas in luxury velours with optional Footstools.
Pethertons on site in the UK.
Pethertons with optional table lamps.
Petherton Daybed.
The Petherton Armchair, Armchairs with leg extensions and Sofas at the stunning Tivoli in Cheltenham.
Socially distanced concept with Petherton Micro Armchairs and 2-Seater Sofas.
Socially distanced concept with Pethertons
Petherton Micro 2-Seater Sofa with Leg-Extension and Double width Armrests.
Petherton Micro 2-Seater Sofa next to Armchair with optional stainless steel numerals.
Petherton Double Powerlounger
Petherton Platinum Recliner.
Petherton Platinum Recliner.
Petherton Micro 2-Seater Sofas with optional Footstools and swivel tables.
The Petherton Armchair
Petherton Micro Armchairs linked with optional Leg-Extension, Pivot-Back and bespoke centre arm table.
Petherton Micro Armchairs linked with optional Leg-Extension and Pivot-Back.
Petherton Single Powerlounger in grey velour with contrast piping.

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