Loge Enclosures

Full size Loge in silver and black Ultra Fabrics with LED illuminated Logo, plinth and niches.

Loge Enclosures

Looking for a way to encourage people from the comfort of their homes? You could do a lot worse than install Loges in your front rows.

The Loge, our state-of-the-art private enclosure, completely customisable, plush and a cocooned environment that ensures a luxurious experience.

Choose which seating you want to go inside.

Niches and plinths can be illuminated with LED strip light, set to any colour and lighting level.

These same niches have a solid wood bases as a table and can be fitted with wireless charging pads.

Upholster the walls in any finish fabric or acoustic panelling. Colours can be chosen to complement or contrast with the seating.

The capping rails can be upholstered or in the timber of your choice.

Did we mention we favour Bamboo due to its sustainable 5 year harvest time!

You can have refrigeration units built into the front wall, pre-stocked with drinks and snacks for increased concessions revenue.

These enclosures provide the ultimate socially-distanced safe seating scenario.

Alternatively, it may be more realistic to choose from our Eclipse Range further down...

We have an extensive range of optional upgrades. Materials available include fabrics, velours, velvets, micro velvets and the most amazing plant-based, cruelty-free leathers and suedes. Choose from thousands of colours.

STOP PRESS...In some territories you may be able to claim part of the costs for these products from Covid-19 safety measure Grants...

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LED illuminated niche.
Loge showing 2 x Prince Gold Powerwall Recliners but choose any of our seating products to go inside.
The Loge
Full size Loge on display at CineEurope in Barcelona.
Bespoke Loge installation at Kinorama in Denmark.
Bespoke Loge installation with optional refrigeration units at Kinorama in Denmark.

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