Ipswich, UK

Empire Cinemas were one of the first UK operators to try having Sofas in the same auditorium as Electric Recliner chairs, so they came to us for both. It is important to note that we supplied our ‘Prince’ design for both products. This continuity of design is what sets our offering apart. Having more than one model type doesn’t mean your auditorium needs to look like a haphazard collection of different manufacturers’ seating ideas, we can provide the whole set, in one design!

The Cinema Sofas were so successful, we heard during service visits that they were outselling the Electric Recliner chairs. It was soon after this that Empire created their Tivoli brand that was to be exclusively with Sofas – no coincidence?


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Empire Cinema
Prince Platinum Recliners and Prince 2-Seater Sofas
Amount of seats:
“We have recently had the pleasure of working with Infinity Seating Solutions; they manufactured high quality Prince sofas and recliners for our new venue in Ipswich. We are absolutely delighted with the products and the outstanding service received throughout the project. Working with this UK manufacturer, we know that we will get continued back up and support, and look forward to working with them again.”

Neil Goulding
Facilities and Construction Director - Empire Cinemas

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