Social Distancing

There is no denying that recent events have taken a massive toll on our industry. Let us help you to get things back on track with a ‘new normal’ ;

  • Infinity Seating products are, in many ways, inherently socially distancing – they always have been.
  • Sofas – for example – lend themselves to not being linked together , so you are never too close to a stranger…
  • …In fact, the addition of some of our ‘console units’ actually helps to space the seating out further.
  • Depending on the product type or design, some products offer this advantage more than others.
  • The Rolo design, for example, has substantial wings that help to give you privacy. Choose the Rolo Sofa, space them out, add your console unit to provide the boutique look, and you may as well be at home…
  • Other obvious choices here are our giant Daybeds but the ultimate socially distanced product has to be our full size Loge, the flagship product in our new and expanded range of Enclosures.
  • All materials are not only fully fire retardant to meet international standards, but they are also very durable and can withstand regular intense cleaning…
  • …Faux Leathers can be cleaned with antibacterial sprays and we can supply special antimicrobial fabrics as an upgrade.
  • So, if you had previously been thinking about a general refurbishment or if you’d been looking for the ‘next big thing’ to do with your seating, we already had most of the answers and with the advent of social distancing, there is now one more reason to look at a solution using Infinity Seating products.

Please see this testimonial from our wonderful Dutch friends;

‘We at Heerenstraat Theater have now completed the first two projects with Infinity Seating Solutions Petherton Sofas, the latter during the ongoing pandemic.

Even with the challenges that we are facing globally, the team at Infinity Seating Solutions have continued to be exceptional, working with us ‘hand in hand’ to ensure the smooth running of our projects.

As the images will show we are adopting a specific layout to promote social distancing, of course once we return to normality we will ‘fill in the gaps’ with more sofas and are very much looking forward to working with Infinity Seating Solutions for all of our up-coming projects.’

Martin Ruiter – Owner
Tom De Bont – Manager

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