The Rose Recliner

The Rose Platinum Recliner.

Infinity Seating’s Recliner chairs…

Our state-of-the-art Recliner chairs offer very high levels of safety, coupled with ease of access for cleaning in commercial environments.

A steel core with integrated steel zig-zag springs, solid FSC Beech framework and Combustion Modified High Resilient (CMHR) foams.

Available with 3 different mechanisms that all have ‘thermal resistance cut-out’ to prevent accidents:

  • Silver – most economical, one motor for synchronised seat and back movement. Optional built-in cleaning access where the footrest folds up and under the chair safely and quickly.
  • Gold Powerwall – exactly as Silver but the geometry moves you away from the wall and can therefore be installed right up against them.
  • Platinum – best quality mechanism on the market, incredibly well built using hydraulic rams to move the footrest – rather than scissor mechanisms that can incorporate finger traps, which is why we recommend this mechanism – it costs more but what price safety? If you consider the built-in cleaning access, where the footrest folds up and under the chair safely, the savings you can make with reduced cleaning contractors quickly pays for the extra quality.

Choose your motor…

  • Single motor – this brings out the footrest and simultaneously moves the back a small amount, so it’s suitable for smaller steps.
  • Dual motor – the same as above but with a second control to further recline the back.
  • Or the very top of the range Triple motor where the 3rd control operates the headrest cushion to help you find the ultimate head and neck support according to your recline and position within the auditorium’s sight-lines.

A last few words on safety. We offer an important upgrade; an Infra Red beam module between the armrests, if this beam is broken by someone or something the chair will not operate. A failsafe and highly recommended.

Full 5-year Warranty.

Very quick and easy to install.

We have an extensive range of optional upgrades. Materials available include fabrics, velours, velvets, micro velvets and the most amazing plant-based, cruelty-free leathers and suedes. Choose from thousands of colours.

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